Top Money Investment Solutions

Presents: BAHIAMAR "The Liquidation Sale of an Oceanfront Development" 

Top Money Investment Solutions Presents: 
The Liquidation Sale of:

2,200 Acres of prime beach property of private land registered in the State of Guerrero, Mexico.
Located in a strip of solid land between the Acapulco Ixtapa highway & having more than 9 miles of beach, lagoon and estuary front of soft white sand.

Listing Price: $600 Million Dollars "USD"
That's $272,727.27 Per Acre or $67.39 Per Square Meter
"BAHIAMAR is 9 Million Square Meters" More or Less & Has a Market Value of $79.00 to $100.00 Per Square Meter.

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Calvin Butler/CEO        
1st Choice Financial Inc.

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